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Emily Neuburger over at runs the Everyday Fun blog. She wrote about Shirley in a recent post, and it made my year!

 “Shirley Link is a new girl detective series that my daughter is crazy about. This is an amazing series, my friends! Your kids will be hooked and you’ll feel realllllly good about it.”

I agree!

Seriously, though, I do craft the Shirley books to be fun reads for middle-grade kids and their parents. A family that reads together has a lot to talk about, after all. When parents and their kids look forward to a new book from a series, well, it just adds to the fun! Emily’s comment about feeling good that her kid likes something means a lot to me. My dream is to see Shirley inspiring kids around the world to love their intellect and to embrace their abilities for the common good.

Head on over to Emily’s blog and check it out. It has some really beautiful ideas and insights into the small things that can make your day. I’ve found it to be engaging this holiday season. It gets me jolly!

Read Emily’s post re: Shirley Link here.