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The Shirley Link Box Set is now available for your Kindle!

The Shirley Link Box Set is now available for your Kindle!

Great news for you Kindle lovers out there. The first three Shirley Link books are now available in one box set!

$2 for 300 pages of adventures!

This boxed set includes:

Shirley Link & The Safe Case
Someone stole thirty thousand dollars, which is bad enough. But the thief also took the one-ton safe that stored the cash! How is that even possible? Shirley and friends need to find out if they want to save their favorite school principal from getting axed.

Shirley Link & The Hot Comic
Someone is after a mint copy of The Avengers #1, worth over $100k. He’s taunting the police with notes about when he’ll pull off the heist. Whoever is behind the notes also wants to pull Shirley into a battle of the brains. Can she outwit a brilliant, determined criminal and save Thor, Hulk and Iron Man from his plot?

Shirley Link & The Treasure Chest
Shirley proves how rewarding it is to get out of the house and explore. During a casual stroll through her town’s sewers (don’t ask) she stumbles on evidence that Shelburne Falls’ underground is hiding something. But what? As she digs deeper she finds evidence that a pirate’s treasure is waiting to be found. Can she work through the clues and unearth the fortune?

So fill your kid’s Kindle up with Shirley Link! Keep your eyes open for more Shirley this holiday season…

Shirley Link in 3D!

Shirley Link in 3D!

Thanks to my dear friend, illustrator-extraordinaire Nathan Fox, you can now see Shirley in 3D!

I recently wrote a blog post about Nathan’s excellent 3D illustration tutorial. I joked that I could make the tutorial a weekend project, and draw my favorite sleuth. I’ve always wanted to see Shirley Link in 3D…

Put on your 3D glasses! This is what I found in my email a few hours after publishing my blog post:

Shirley Link in 3D



Get your free copy of Shirley Link & The Safe Case here!

I’ve loved 3D since I was a kid. When I first popped on those glasses and read some 3D comic books, I was hooked. It was a bummer that the trend never caught on. Of course, the big upside of being nichey is that any new 3D comic is super special.

I don’t think anything will ever match this illustration, though. Not in my opinion. Thanks Nathan! Now Shirley is that much more real.

Shirley Link & The Safe Case has won the Book of the Day award!

Shirley Link & The Safe Case has won the Book of the Day award!

Shirley Link & The Safe Case by Ben Zackheim Award


I was delighted to wake up and see that Shirley Link & The Safe Case had won the Book of the Day award over at Indie Book of the Day!

Writing is a tough business, so anytime my peers take notice, I’m delighted. I’ve been a fan of the site for awhile. Score!

I join other great books of the day like Rex Rising and Learn Me Good

Now back to work! More awards to win! ;-)




Contest for kids! Win the entire Shirley Link book series.

Contest for kids! Win the entire Shirley Link book series.

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Welcome to a New Year, my friends! This will be a good one with a number of Shirley Link books slated for release, including the next edition in the series, Shirley Link & The Treasure Chest! I can’t wait until you and your kids read this one. I’m really proud of it!

What better way to start the year than with a contest for kids? The holiday is over. The plastic stuff has been cast aside. What better way to refuel the soul, than with a book? By entering, you’ll be eligible to win both books in the Shirley Link series, in softcover. That’s right. Real paper and ink! I spent so much time on the print edition that my family probably wished I’d stuck with ebooks only! I’m glad I took the time, though. Seeing Robin’s art on the shiny cover for the first time was a moment I’ll always remember.

Shirley Link is a kids book series from the heart. I love writing about her. Thanks so much for supporting the books and spreading the word! Keep an eye open for an announcement about book #3 soon…


Shirley Link gets some love!

Shirley Link gets some love!

Emily Neuburger over at runs the Everyday Fun blog. She wrote about Shirley in a recent post, and it made my year!

 “Shirley Link is a new girl detective series that my daughter is crazy about. This is an amazing series, my friends! Your kids will be hooked and you’ll feel realllllly good about it.”

I agree!

Seriously, though, I do craft the Shirley books to be fun reads for middle-grade kids and their parents. A family that reads together has a lot to talk about, after all. When parents and their kids look forward to a new book from a series, well, it just adds to the fun! Emily’s comment about feeling good that her kid likes something means a lot to me. My dream is to see Shirley inspiring kids around the world to love their intellect and to embrace their abilities for the common good.

Head on over to Emily’s blog and check it out. It has some really beautiful ideas and insights into the small things that can make your day. I’ve found it to be engaging this holiday season. It gets me jolly!

Read Emily’s post re: Shirley Link here.


Win the Shirley Link series!

Win the Shirley Link series!


It’s time for a giveaway! You can enter to win both books in the Shirley Link series, to be delivered before Christmas. Shirley Link & The Safe Case and Shirley Link & The Hot Comic are both getting rave reviews on Amazon, Figment and GoodReads. If you or someone in your family likes fast, funny adventures then you’ll probably like Shirley Link!

It’s written for the middle-grade kids, but I’m hearing great things from all ages.

You’ll earn extra entries by tweeting the contest, or liking my page on Facebook. None of this is required though!

Good luck!