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Kathleen Chalfant reads The Camelot Kids!

Kathleen Chalfant reads The Camelot Kids!

Here’s a lovely audiobook cover illustration by Ian Greenlee.
As usual.
The guy is a genius.
I’ll always be thankful to Nathan Fox for introducing us. Oh, and there’s much more to the image, by the way, which I’ll share later this week as we get closer to the audiobook launch.
I’m so honored to have had Kathleen Chalfant on this project. I’m writing a post about the experience. It was 10 days of my life that I’ll always cherish. In the end, it was the ultimate New York City story. I look forward to sharing it with you.
If you want to see Kathy’s other work you can see her in The Affair (NSFW)

She’s theater royalty (I’m sure she hates that term — but it’s true!) She brought so much depth to the characters and the story. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it.
New Camelot by Ian Greenlee for “The Camelot Kids” softcover

New Camelot by Ian Greenlee for “The Camelot Kids” softcover

We’re going to do something different here. I’d like to show off Ian Greenlee’s art in a unique way.

Piece by piece.

Ian’s work is spectacularly detailed. He works on a canvas the size of a house and loves to dive into minutia like no one else I know. To show this talent off I’m going to reveal his latest piece. It captures the moment that Simon Sharp walks into the fantastic town for the first time. I think Ian does a brilliant job of making us feel the awe that Simon felt. When you see the full piece all together, you’ll see what I mean.

I’ll update this post once per day until the softcover launch on December 12th, so bookmark it and come back to see the full illustration slowly come to life!

Enough talking! Take a look at this first tiny slice of a masterpiece!



Slice #1: Girls in the Market


Slice #2: Getting Ready for the Fair


Slice #3: Watch Your Head!



Slice #4: Girl, Meet Monkey


Slice #5: Young Lovers in New Camelot


Slice #6: Shopping for an Elbow



Any of these illustrations have enough detail to satisfy most artists. Not Ian.

THIS is how big the above images are in comparison to the full piece!




And HERE is the full piece!


So what do you think? Want to read the story? Check it out in softcover! 500 pages of action, intrigue and images like this one…

Nathan Fox’s covers for The Camelot Kids

Nathan Fox’s covers for The Camelot Kids

The Camelot Kids Part One cover by Nathan Fox

Part One of the book introduces 28 characters. Not easy to do with 120 pages. Nathan’s cover and Ian’s illustrations were that much more important because of this challenge.
Nathan’s version of Maille Rose has a lot of heart in it. And action. And mystery. Typical Nathan.

Nathan Fox cover illustrator of The Camelot Kids Part Two

Part Two is where magic peeks over the horizon of reality and goes BOO! Simon Sharp may have a hard time accepting it, but he can’t deny trolls and 7 ft elderly wizards and floating chairs.
This cover creeped me out when I first saw it. My eyes were drawn to the eyes after wandering through the haze for a split second. Nathan is constantly thinking about the way his audience experiences his work.

Nathan Fox cover illustrator of The Camelot Kids Part Three

Part Three is the first part of the story where Simon is swimming (sinking?) in a world of magic and danger. We get to see him fight with the knights of New Camelot. We get to see what Uncle Victor is up to. And we get to see the opening sequence of the finale!
This cover is just so flagrantly powerful. Just like its subject, Uncle Victor.

The Camelot Kids: Part Four reveals the plot, the players and the victims. Nothing will be the same again in New Camelot.

The Camelot Kids: Part Four reveals the plot, the players and the victims. Nothing will be the same again in New Camelot.

Maille Rose and her magic bat (by Ian Greenlee)

Maille Rose and her magic bat (by Ian Greenlee)

I opened Google Drive the other day and saw that Ian Greenlee (illustrator) had delivered an illustration of Maille Rose.



He’s drawn hers precisely as I’d envisioned her. I mean dead-on accurate. I’d spent eight years writing Maille and there she was. If you missed the intro of Maille Rose (which includes an excerpt from The Camelot Kids) then head over to the Maille Rose sneak peek!



Shirley Link in 3D!

Shirley Link in 3D!

Thanks to my dear friend, illustrator-extraordinaire Nathan Fox, you can now see Shirley in 3D!

I recently wrote a blog post about Nathan’s excellent 3D illustration tutorial. I joked that I could make the tutorial a weekend project, and draw my favorite sleuth. I’ve always wanted to see Shirley Link in 3D…

Put on your 3D glasses! This is what I found in my email a few hours after publishing my blog post:

Shirley Link in 3D



Get your free copy of Shirley Link & The Safe Case here!

I’ve loved 3D since I was a kid. When I first popped on those glasses and read some 3D comic books, I was hooked. It was a bummer that the trend never caught on. Of course, the big upside of being nichey is that any new 3D comic is super special.

I don’t think anything will ever match this illustration, though. Not in my opinion. Thanks Nathan! Now Shirley is that much more real.