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The Camelot Kids cast of characters #1: Simon Sharp

The Camelot Kids cast of characters #1: Simon Sharp

We’ll be taking a peek at the characters of The Camelot Kids over the next several weeks. Ian Greenlee is doing a spectacular job of yanking the Fantasy series cast out of their comfortable nests in my head.

Today’s peek is at the main character, Simon.

If you ask Simon Sharp how his parents died, the 14-year-old New Yorker will tell you King Arthur killed them. Obsessed with Camelot, the two scholars perished in a plane crash en route to an archaeological dig in England.

Simon spends two awful years in an orphanage before his uncle surfaces. He offers Simon residence at a creepy mansion in Scotland where every shadow hides a surprise— including a girl, Maille Rose, who flickers in and out of view like a ghost. Maille warns Simon he’s in danger and, oh yes, he’s a descendant of King Arthur’s powerful knight, Lancelot.

Simon Sharp of The Camelot KidsSimon Sharp slides across a car in The Camelot Kids

Uh. What?

That’s Simon’s response too.

But she’s right about the danger. Simon’s life becomes a battle for survival when his teacher is killed in front of him. Accused of murder, Simon escapes into the wilderness…

… where he gets kidnapped by a drunk troll. At this point, Simon’s tired of surprises. Which is too bad because then he’s saved by a 7-foot elderly man claiming to be Merlin. Maille Rose, Merlin’s apprentice, arrives swinging her bat-wand and leads them to a hidden castle. This, she says, is New Camelot.

Packed with surprises, The Camelot Kids is a fresh take on the beloved myth.

Come back for more peeks later this week.

Who’s up next?

Maille Rose! Check out Merlin’s first apprentice in 978 years. She’s tough, smart and has attitude coming out of her wand (which happens to be a baseball bat)…


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Can Merlin control The Camelot Kids?

Can Merlin control The Camelot Kids?



Merlin hooded

The Camelot Kids are coming!

I have a big announcement on July 1st that should make fans of comic books, Fantasy and great art happy. The full details (and sneak peeks at the artwork) will be in my July 1st newsletter, which you can sign up for here.

If you love Camelot, Merlin and Excalibur (or if you always thought you maybe-kinda-possibly-could) then check back here often for news about the series launch. I’ll be rolling out fantastic imagery that top-tier talent is crafting just for the first book in The Camelot Kids series.

So excited, I think I just giggled a little.

(Oh yeah, snoop around my site to get an early look at some of the characters.)

See you July 1st!