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Shirley Link & The Black Cat (Softcover/Kindle)

Shirley Link The Black Cat

 Shirley Link & The Black Cat (Softcover/Kindle)

Shirley Link, girl detective, is back in the critically-acclaimed Middle Grade mystery series! And this time, there’s a black cat involved…uh-oh…

In her fourth adventure, Shirley Link takes a walk on the dark side of her hometown. When a young man, known for making trouble, is targeted as suspect #1 in a string of robberies, Shirley works hard to find the truth.

But even if the young detective proves his innocence, can she save him from himself?

Join Shirley on her most daring case yet, in Shirley Link & The Black Cat!

A great read for girls and boys from 8-12 years of age (and their parents, of course)!

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Reviews for Shirley Link

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Emily Neuburger, Everyday Fun blog,
“Shirley Link is a new girl detective series that my daughter is crazy about. This is an amazing series, my friends! Your kids will be hooked and you’ll feel really good about it.”
Edward Hemingway, Author/Illustrator, Bad Apple
“This Veronica Mars for the tween-set is funny, smart, and full of preternatural wisdom.”
PopBop (Top 1000 Amazon reviewer)
“There are early middle grade mysteries out there, but most of them have sketchy characters, and a lot of them plod along fairly predictable arcs. This series has an engaging heroine, a lot of attitude, and a much snappier overall feel.”

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