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I love Hugh Howey. Sure, he’s a good writer, but he can be a helpful one too! In addition to all of his efforts to make self-publishing a transparent and optimistic community, he also spends a lot of time doling out indy tips and tricks. Hands-Dirty tips. Rubber-Meets-Road tricks.

But this one may be his best.

InDesign is a wonderful, complex mess. It will definitely help you make a beautiful book, but it will also kill you slowly with obtuse logic that hammers your head, and drop-down menus that will chop your fingers off. Mr. Howey (a name to envy) spends 50 minutes showing us how to take your doc and turn it into a book. You’ll be pausing every few seconds as you follow his steps, which will effectively turn his video tutorial into a 29 hour lesson, but that’s the beauty of it.

Thorough, clear, with a pause button. Perfect.

If you’ve been thinking about buying InDesign, this may be the best advertisement for the software ever.