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If you’ve read The Camelot Kids: Part One you’ll remember the fight between the gargoyle and the troll. Simon will certainly remember it for the rest of his life! Ian Greenlee did a fantastic job of drawing that scene for the book, but I wanted to get another point of view from an artist with a different style.

I met Harshad Marathe at my parent’s place in New York. They introduced him as an artist. He was helping them settle into their new apartment and we got to talking about Camelot, myth and art. I was so impressed with the beautiful way he sees the world that I assumed his artwork was as expressive.

It is!

Harshad Marathe is a fantastic talent who drew this scene from The Camelot Kids.

The Camelot Kids

I love Harshad’s whimsical style. It captures the child-like wonder that Simon must be feeling as he watches two monsters fight!

You can see more of Harshad’s work here.