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The Camelot Kids book trailer

The Camelot Kids book trailer

Do you want to know a little more about The Camelot Kids? Check out the book trailer for a peek at Simon Sharp’s incredible adventure into New Camelot.

What would you do if an odd girl in a hooded cloak said, “You know you’re a descendant of King Arthur’s knight, Lancelot, right?” You’d probably do the same thing 14-year-old orphan Simon Sharp does: back away nice and slow. The difference is Simon’s Camelot-obsessed parents recently died under mysterious circumstances.

But he learns the truth about their fate and his heritage after he’s kidnapped by a drunk troll, rescued by a 7-foot elderly man named Merlin, and thrown into training with 149 other heirs of the Knights of the Round Table. Can Simon survive a prophecy that predicts the world will be saved through its destruction? Can he do it while clues keep popping up that his parents are alive?

The Camelot Kids is about one boy’s struggle to solve a mystery and make it to tomorrow in a world both real and fantastic.

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The Camelot Kids need your help! Nominate them for a Goodreads Choice Awards.

The Camelot Kids need your help! Nominate them for a Goodreads Choice Awards.

The Camelot Kids for Goodreads Choice Awards 2014

I’m delighted with The Camelot Kids. I’m even more delighted with the response to it so far. It’s consistently on a number of genre bestseller lists on Amazon, including the Arthurian category! The reviews have been glowing, which generate enough heat in my bones to keep me warm in a New England Fall.

But I always feel like I should be working harder to get the word out. So when opportunities to shine emerge, I’m game!

The 2014 Goodreads Choice Awards are a free and easy way to earn some recognition for my new Fantasy series.

If you’ve enjoyed The Camelot Kids so far I’d appreciate it (endlessly) if you’d head to Goodreads and write in The Camelot Kids: Part One. If I can get a few dozen votes for Part One I think we can get the word out to more Fantasy fans.

Voting ends November 8th, so just click on the image above (or here).

Thanks for ANY help you provide. I appreciate every kind email, honest review and sale.

Oh, and get ready for The Camelot Kids: Part Four! Armor up!