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The Camelot Kids: Introducing Little Boo! Merlin’s pet-fish-turned-shop-manager

The Camelot Kids: Introducing Little Boo! Merlin’s pet-fish-turned-shop-manager

Little Boo is a pet fish. He was given to Merlin by his friend Myrtle on his 3712th birthday. Merlin, however, has no time for animals that don’t make themselves useful.

So he put Little Boo to work as the manager of his store/lab, The Spell. Hey, who better to manage people than a pet, right?

To get around the whole Fish-Can’t-Walk-or-Talk thing, Merlin built Little Boo a robotic body, powered by magic steam.

Welcome to the world of The Camelot Kids!

And here he is, making himself useful. Ian Greenlee captures the moment when Little Boo offers Simon and Maille Rose a tour of The Spell. It doesn’t go well, as you’ll see in The Camelot Kids: Part Two!

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Little Boo from The Camelot Kids


Get a peek at Ian Greenlee’s creative process on The Camelot Kids

Get a peek at Ian Greenlee’s creative process on The Camelot Kids

Here’s a little peek at Ian Greenlee’s illustration process on The Camelot Kids. He goes through many steps to bring us the fantastic glimpses into the world of Simon Sharp and Merlin.

Here you see his sketching, volume, perspective and FINAL steps. The piece shows Simon and Hector arriving at Uncle Victor’s castle for the first time.

The first piece is a sketch that he passed by me and Nathan Fox for feedback.

The second piece is a study on volume and shading.

The third piece explores perspective, light source and focus.

The last piece is the final.

Pretty cool, huh? Oh, be sure to zoom in on the final piece. It has a bunch of hidden surprises.

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Sketch Volume Perspective Final

Here’s the latest peek at art from The Camelot Kids: Part Two…Rukkush!

Here’s the latest peek at art from The Camelot Kids: Part Two…Rukkush!

Rukkush! The former apprentice to Merlin makes his debut in The Camelot Kids: Part Two. Ian Greenlee, the artist for the book’s interiors, tweeted this little peek at a new piece that shows the elf’s sinister grin.

And those fingernails!

I suppose that’s what you get when you’re stuck in a room for a thousand years with no nail clippers.

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Rukkush from The Camelot Kids

The Camelot Kids Cast of Characters #7: Rukkush

The Camelot Kids Cast of Characters #7: Rukkush

There are dozens of characters in The Camelot Kids. The loyal pet goldfish, Mr. Boo, who was given a mechanical body so he could take over as manager of Merlin’s shoppe (he’s good with people). Hector, the chauffeur with a secret that will shock Simon out of his socks. Uncle Victor, the man with an agenda…dozens of characters!

But Rukkush… Rukkush is awwwwwesoooooome.

You may have seen some of the tiny peeks at Rukkush that I’ve been doling out. You know the ads and banners like the one at the top of this post — with the peacock-looking eyes staring back at you?

Yeah, that’s Rukkush. And here he is…




Rukkush is not on Merlin’s side. As you’ll see in this excerpt, he’s on a mission to take the old wizard out. Frankly, his beef appears to be justified… oh, just read the excerpt and you’ll see for yourself.

The set-up: Simon visits the old home of Lancelot – a small stone hut on the corner of New Camelot. The door hasn’t been opened in 1000 years. A crowd of curious citizens has just watched him open the dusty, creaky door. Now, Simon inspects the interior. It’s cold, damp and creepy and… well, read on…

Excerpt from The Camelot Kids

RukkushWhat happened next was a blur of sounds and pain. Simon tried to pull his hand away. At the same time, Russ and Josh hollered and pulled him to the ground. There was a flash of red light and a loud slam, like a heavy door being kicked closed.

Simon was on the floor, the two guards on top of him. The room would have been pitch black if it weren’t for Maille. She was standing at the shut door with her glowing red wand raised. She pointed it at someone behind Simon, but he couldn’t see whom as his eyes adjusted to the darkness.

“It’s about time you showed up,” came a crackling voice from the shadows.

“Come out where we can see you,” Maille snarled. “I’m warning you, I know how to use this!” She lifted her bat-wand higher. The red light near the tip began swirling. It was an impressive sight to Simon. But the stranger chuckled. It was a dry laugh, disdainful. Simon sat up, trying to see his attacker.

“I’m sure you do, girl. But I know how to use mine too.”

And with that, a tall, thin man emerged from the darkness. His skin was wrinkly white, and his eyes were hollow, devoid of life. Long, stringy hair, like straw, ran down his back and shoulders. His fingernails were as long as the fingers they grew from. He wore leather armor that creaked and scraped as he moved closer. The man opened his mouth and an empty smile crept across it.

“I’d imagine I’m not looking very well, after a thousand years in this pig sty.”

Russ and Josh had their small blades drawn and ready. Simon felt naked without a weapon, but found the courage to speak.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Rukkush. Apprentice and prisoner of Merlin.”

Maille hesitated. Rukkush let his grin get broader. “I’m Merlin’s apprentice,” she finally said.

“Ah. He’s taking girls now. He must be getting desperate on the other side of that door. Well, then, you are his prisoner as well.”
“Are you saying Merlin locked you in here?” Maille asked.

“Indeed. Who else would have the power to do so? I’ve been sitting in that chair right there for the last hundred years, by my count. I lay in the bed for three hundred years before that. I’m afraid Lancelot was not a big reader, so I haven’t had even the smallest of comforts to tide me over. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had visitors who ended up being a figment of my imagination. Perhaps you are only in my head, too. I’m a bit mad, as I’m sure you’ll understand. Not to mention betrayed.”

His smile disappeared and a chill swept the room. He raised a twisted, rotting wand of his own. Maille unleashed a ball of light like the one she’d used on Caradoc. But it was instantly doused like a raindrop in an inferno. Rukkush’s arms swept forward and Maille was thrown against the door.

“That wasn’t very nice, was it, Russ?” Josh said, as Maille let out a moan.The Camelot Kids Rukkush

“Not at all, Josh.”

“All right then. In Lancelot’s name!”

And with that, the two boys ran at the ghoul with their swords raised. But Rukkush made quick work of Josh, throwing him against the exact same spot he’d thrown Maille, as if it were target practice.
Russ slipped through and managed to cut their attacker’s chin with the tip of his blade. There was an awkward silence as Rukkush glared at the boy.

Russ swallowed hard. “Oh, there’s hell to pay now, isn’t there?” In a split second, the third of the three kids lay unconscious near the door.

Rukkush poked at his wound and examined the dark blood. “Ah, excellent. Blood. I suppose this is actually happening then. Exciting. Now, we have some time alone before one of Merlin’s brutes breaks through that door…”

Rukkush began to wander around the room. He seemed deep in thought.

“Why is it,” he finally asked, “that Merlin allowed you through this door, when he knows I’m in here waiting for revenge?”

Simon wasn’t going to answer. He sensed he was being pulled into a trap. The way Rukkush was pacing, keeping his distance, and smirking made Simon suspect something else was going on.

“So it’s silence, is it? Fine. That will do. Let me tell you then, so you don’t need to guess. This is the first of many tests for you boy. He’s told you of your bloodline, I’m sure. No need to answer. I know it to be true. Yes, he’s told you of your bloodline and, in so doing, he’s given you a half-truth. That’s more than I ever got from him, so be thankful.” He chuckled, but there was no mirth in it.

“He threw you into this particular arena because you’re tied to a future he believes will unfold no matter what happens here. And, of course, because he does not want to face his past.” Rukkush sighed. “But now that you are here, my long wait is over.”

There was a loud pounding on the door. Rukkush swiftly walked up to Simon and took his chin in his hand. He leaned in so close that his breath covered Simon’s face.

It smelled like nothing.

“Seek the truth, boy, and be prepared to die for it.” The door blew off its hinges, bathing the room in sunlight.

Rukkush turned to dust in an instant.

With that, Simon’s vision went blurry. His knees gave out and he fell to the floor. Silhouetted figures rushed at him. He felt someone lift his head into their lap.

His last thought before he passed out was, “I’m not comfortable in this bedroom.”


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The Camelot Kids cast of characters #6: Red!

The Camelot Kids cast of characters #6: Red!

Red from The Camelot KidsRed is… complex.

From the moment he and Simon meet in The Camelot Kids, they hit it off, notwithstanding some awkward moments.

Indeed, Red is the only person who even tries to get to know Simon when he first arrives in Graham Academy, a private school near his Uncle Victor’s home.

But Red also appears to be a fearful kid.

He scampers away at odd times. He talks to himself a lot. Simon, always one to stick with a friend, doesn’t think much of it.

But he should trust his gut more…

Here’s the set up for the following scene from The Camelot Kids: Simon’s first day in his new school, Graham Academy, is not going well. He’s late for everything. He’s already a gossip magnet, and no one will look at him much less talk to him. Except for one girl, Gwen. She helps him find his next class just in time.

Simon does his best to get her attention throughout the class, but she just joins the rest of her classmates in ignoring him. Little does he know, Simon is on the verge of a friendship that will change his life forever…

Excerpt from The Camelot Kids

As he gathered his books, he noticed a small boy with pitch-black hair, and the reddest ears he’d ever seen, sitting at a desk near the back of the class room. It was the kind of red you see in candy stores and comic books. The boy gave him a look as if he were sizing him up for a fight. But that was ridiculous. The kid was so small that a fight with a kitten could go either way.

“Hi,” Simon said.

“Her name is Gwen and you might as well give up now.” The kid spoke in a high, squeaky voice with a heavy Scottish accent.

“Who’s Gwen?”

“The girl you were dancing in yer chair to see all class long. You should be careful. That’s the kind of thing kids look for in this class so’s they can use it against you later.”

“Kind of like you’re doing now.

“Kinda, yeah. I’m James. But people call me Red.”

“Do you like being called Red?”

Red squinted. Simon worried that he’d gone too far, too fast. He tended to do that with people sometimes. What business was it of his what this guy called himself?

“Never really thought about it,” Red finally said. “I guess not. But I’m used to it, so call me Red.” Simon didn’t have much left, but he gave his best smile.

“Good to meet you. I’m…”

“Simon, yeah. The guy who took the heat off me. Now that yer here they can start dumping you head-down in the garbage pails and leave me alone.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Simon wondered how much a ticket back to New York would cost.

“If you want to get out of here with some sense of dignity you better not go through the front door of the school.”

“But that’s where my ride home is.”

“I’m just sayin’. Do what you wanna. It’s not like I’d know anything about it, being that I’ve found a way to survive here for two years.”

“Sorry. It’s a long walk home, though.”

“Where you live?”

“Falcon Castle.” Red’s ears glowed purple. His eyes got wide and even teared up a little. “What’s wrong?”Red from the YA Fantasy book series, The Camelot Kids

“I didn’t realize you were that Sharp family. His castle is bad news, friend. Everything I heard is that it’s haunted at best and filled with maniacs and monsters at worst. I’d rather sleep in the forest, if you ask me.”

“Nah, it’s just my uncle’s place. He has a bunch of dogs, is all.”

“That’s what you think they are? You ever seen one of these supposed dogs?” Now that Simon thought about it, he hadn’t. He’d thought he’d seen a dog in the room with the weapons, but it was too dark to see. It had sure sounded like a dog. What else could it be? “My allowance is on them being not-dogs.”

“Then what are they?”

“You tell me,” Red shrugged. “Yer the one living there.” He started to unwrap a candy bar and munch on it as he passed by Simon. “I’ll show you the safe way out of here if you wanna know.”

Simon sighed and followed. Red walked close to the wall as they wove through the halls. He peered around corners before he turned them. Finally, after a lot of sideways glances from other students, they passed through a small door to the outside. Simon stuck close as Red worked his way down a steep hill. They didn’t stop until they’d entered a thick forest behind the academy. The sun made barely a dent here, with large dark shadows giving way to weak rays of white light. Simon had the sense the ground beneath their feet wasn’t all that solid, as if jumping up and down would send them falling into an abyss.

Red started to work his way through the trees. “No one comes back here except people who are running from something.”

“Yeah, I can see why. How can you even tell where you’re going?”

“I can’t.”

“Oh. Great,” Simon said.

“Relax, Wendy Worrywart! We’ll use the trees when we need ’em. I climb like a spider!” Red struck a pose like a tiny, dippy Spider-Man.

Wendy Worrywart?Red from The Camelot Kids

They worked their way through the shin-grabbing brambles and found a trail. In the distance, Simon could make out the school’s front entrance where Hector’s car was parked, waiting for him. The red-haired jerk was hiding behind a shed, probably waiting for Simon to emerge from the school.

“His name’s Chester,” Red muttered. “Second meanest person in town behind his mother. His goons are the dumbest ones in class, which also means they’re the strongest around here.”

“Best of the worst.”

“Exactly. You know the type, I guess.”

Simon thought of Billy, back in New York. He wondered how he was holding up. Hopefully he wasn’t on Brad’s radar. “Yeah. We have them in New York too. But I mostly found ways to avoid them.”

“Now you have to start all over again, huh?”

Red sure was a bundle of fun.

Simon’s new friend climbed tree after tree to keep an eye on the overgrown path. They barely spoke for the entire trek, which left Simon some time to think about how ridiculous it was that he’d somehow escaped St. Mary’s for good, and yet there he was, tearing up his knees on Scottish thorns just to avoid another bully. Was he any better off here? The fact that he didn’t know the answer worried him. Should he start thinking about how to break out on his own?

After an hour, they started a descent into a small valley. Simon spotted Falcon Castle peeking over a nearby hill.

That’s when he got that feeling again. The one he’d had in New York so many times before.

Like the Gates of Weird had been thrown open.

Red seemed jumpy all of a sudden. He licked his lips like a lizard and didn’t blink. They pushed their way out of the trees, and stopped at the edge of a road.

Abruptly, Red backed up.

He tripped on a rock and fell on his butt. “I’m not getting any closer!” He shook his head, frantically.

Simon wasn’t sure what the outburst was all about. It wasn’t as if he were going to force Red to come along.

“Okay, sure, no problem. You okay?”

But Red just stared at him.

“Uh, so see you tomorrow…”

Red watched from the ground as Simon walked off. When Simon looked back he was gone.

So there he was, alone on the road, with the light fading. It was too quiet for his comfort. A bird sang on occasion, but that was it. As he got closer to the castle he realized that he might have a hard time getting past the estate gate since he wasn’t with Hector. But he’d figure something out. He always did.

Simon took a moment to admire the nearby grounds. The area was beautiful, but still. Nothing moved in the green of the ground or the vast gray sky. It was as if the entire world was doing its best to not disturb his uncle.

As he climbed the steep road to the gated entrance, he could feel eyes on him. He had company. He was sure of it. He took a deep, fortifying breath and turned fast. A dark figure stood on the road, around twenty yards away.

Simon backed up a couple of steps.

The person ran toward him.

It was Maille, the girl from the airport. She held a baseball bat in one hand. It glowed bright orange as she raised it over her head.
Simon ran.