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 Shirley Link & The Treasure Chest, the third book in my Middle-Grade Mystery series, is out.

But the real good news is that today and tomorrow it is




So go to Amazon and download your own copy. If you like it, give Shirley a review! And spread the word.

Shirley Link & The Treasure Chest clocks in at twice the size of the two previous books. I wanted to dig into the three teen characters some more, and reveal why they are such a great team. Shirley, Wylie and Marie are like the perfect storm. Between them, their loyalty, intellect, strength, bravery and faith in each other makes them the best sleuthing team of all time.

I look forward to writing more about them in the years to come.

Next up in the series is Shirley Link & The Black Cat. It should be a doozy.

Look for it this summer!

From Amazon (Shirley Link & The Treasure Chest):

Shirley Link loves pirates. Well, she loves the idea of them. She wouldn’t like them if they were running up the street stealing bikes, but digging for treasure and swashbuckling adventure are on the top of her to-do list. So when a clue pops up that there’s a hidden pirate treasure under her hometown, Shirley gets to work.

In Shirley Link & The Treasure Chest, the third volume in the critically-acclaimed Middle-Grade Mystery series, our heroine takes on her toughest challenge yet. But this time the stakes are bigger than ever. If she fails to find the treasure, or if it ends up being a hoax, then Shirley’s elderly neighbor, Mrs. Smiley, will lose her home to the bank.

More Shirley, Dad, Wiley and Marie than ever before. That’s right. Even Mr. Link gets to join in the adventure!


Emily Neuburger, Everyday Fun blog,
“Shirley Link is a new girl detective series that my daughter is crazy about. This is an amazing series, my friends! Your kids will be hooked and you’ll feel really good about it.”

Edward Hemingway, Author/Illustrator, Bad Apple
“This Virginia Mars for the tween-set is funny, smart, and full of preternatural wisdom.”

PopBop (Top 1000 Amazon reviewer)
“There are early middle grade mysteries out there, but most of them have sketchy characters, and a lot of them plod along fairly predictable arcs. This series has an engaging heroine, a lot of attitude, and a much snappier overall feel.”