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Shirley Link in Times Square

How many moments do we miss? A joke told by a buddy with slashing panache that leaves you breathless. A month later you can’t even remember the setup, much less the punch line. Or the moment your six year old son uses the word “coincidentally” in a sentence and then looks up with the same eyes he had when he was a baby. Then later in the year you try to recall that word he spoke. And nothing. Nope. Lost to time, to the priorities that aren’t really important.

So at the moment, as I enjoy watching Shirley Link books climb the ebook charts (in the free category) I need to document it somewhere. Because next week I won’t recall this feeling of accomplishment, if I even recall it at all. Next week I’ll be back in the weeds.

But, for now, I have the #4 and #10 spots in Teen ebooks. #1 and 2 in Teen Mysteries.