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Having a claw for a hand wasn’t so bad. Its prongs could grasp any surface. In fact, Sam had enough control to pick up an egg or crush a head, which is what he was doing.

The scream strained the average eardrum. Underling scientists whined in the corner of the lab. Sam’s victim was the scumball who cut his hand off, among other things, and used him as an experiment. No permission asked.

He deserved a death that treated him like dirt.

“Why?” Sam growled. The prong that was his new middle finger prepared to burst through the guy’s cranium.

“Oh God! It was a step!” he shrieked. He saw that Sam was listening. “A big step. One more Disposable and we…EVERYONE can live forever in steel bodies!”

“One more Disposable, huh?”

Sam broke his arms and tossed him to the scientists.

“Yay. There’s your Disposable. Get to work.”