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Amazon in India!

Amazon is on the prowl in India

Amazon just announced that it’s expanding into India.

May I be melodramatic?


I’ve been selling my Young Adult series, Shirley Link, on Amazon for a few months with great success. I crafted it for a young, international audience, so I’m particularly excited by this news.

It will be offering the Kindle at all Croma stores stores for 6,999 INR. But the BIG news for indie Amazon KDP authors is that they can sell in India now, too.

India is the second largest English-speaking population in the world. That means my potential audience just grew by tens of millions overnight. Remember, they don’t need to buy Kindles to enjoy my books. Now that it’s available there they can read it on many other devices as well.

I’ll be thinking on the ramifications of this move for the rest of the week. I plan on capitalizing asap. If I find any leads on the best methods of promoting there, I’ll post here.