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Thanks and Good Luck!

Each book in the series is $0.99 until July 1st, 2020

Start at the beginning with RELIC: BLADE. The series is part Buffy, part Indy, with body parts everywhere.

Relic: Blade book cover with Kane holding two handguns and Rebel casting a spell that wraps around him like an embrace.

Cocky vampires, mythical swords, steady Glocks and ghost hordes. Welcome to my world.

The vampires just woke up from a 1000-year slumber. Before nap-time they buried their fortunes around the world. Now they want their hidden treasures back.

It’s my job to get to the relics first.

My partner Rebel and I need to track down and dig up hundreds of ancient items, and fast. They’re worth, well, whatever comes after quadrillions. Most of them also happen to pack nasty supernatural powers.

Our latest target is a sword with the power to destroy the world. We just have to get past the grumpy blood suckers, the biting ghost hordes and a particularly nasty wizard. But who am I kidding? Sneaking around won’t work. Not when it comes to vampires. There’s really only one way this can end.

On the edge of a blade.


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