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Shadow (a 150 word story)

Shadow (a 150 word story)

He didn’t trust his shadow. No, it wasn’t because it followed him everywhere. He’d heard enough of that joke from Step-Dad Dan.

The problem was it would hurt him every chance it got.

It started on the basketball court. His heel stuck to the ground when no one was anywhere near him. Then, outside the deli, he got bit on the neck. At least it bled like a bite.

Near sunrise, he perched on the wall behind his dorm, facing west so he’d see the shadow before it saw him. His fingertips brushed the grip of Dan’s Glock. Shadow would have a gun too, he guessed.

The sun pushed a bar of light over the mountains, too slim to make a shadow yet.

A van passed by, brights beaming.

He squinted in the headlight’s glare, but managed to glance at the shadow behind him, before he never saw anything again.