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Shirley Link & The Secret (a 150 word story)

Shirley Link & The Secret (a 150 word story)

Shirley Link was at the end of her rope. In fact, she was just one tight grip away from falling off of it. As she contemplated the waves below, frothing like they couldn’t wait to eat her up, she wondered if she’d ever see her friend again.

Wylie had been missing for a week. Not like him.

Her search had led to Torrey Pines Beach. A red sand, unique to the area, was found all over everything in Wylie’s bedroom.

Shirley had been about to rappel down when she was shoved off the cliff.

But who did it?

“Looks like you could use some help,” someone said from above.

He peeked over the edge.


No, it couldn’t be. He’d never do this to her. They were best friends!

He reached his hand toward her, and smiled.

She’d come to save him, but now he was saving her.

She hoped.

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