The Camelot Kids Part One cover by Nathan Fox

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The Camelot Kids: Part one

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If you ask Simon Sharp how his parents died, the 14-year-old New Yorker will tell you King Arthur killed them. Obsessed with Camelot, the two scholars perished in a plane crash en route to an archaeological dig in England.

Simon is offered a home at a creepy castle in Scotland where every shadow hides a surprise— including a girl, Maille Rose, who flickers in and out of view like a ghost. Maille warns Simon he’s in danger and, oh yes, he’s a descendant of King Arthur’s powerful knight, Lancelot. 

Packed with surprises, The Camelot Kids is a fresh take on the beloved myth. Join Simon Sharp, and 149 other teenage descendants of the Knights of the Round Table and armor up with The Camelot Kids! 

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Here are two illustrations from The Camelot Kids: Part One.

Caradoc the troll from The Camelot Kids

Caradoc, the troll, strolls into Simon’s life.

Simon from The Camelot Kids

Simon tries on the vambrace for the first time.